Gwinnett Quilters' Guild

2017 Programs


January 17, 2017         Cindy Rounds Richards  

Using Photography in Quilting

Our own historian, Cindy Rounds Richards, will speak about using photography as a tool in quilt making.  Cindy first came to the Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild as a speaker 20 years ago. After moving to Snellville, Georgia a couple years later, she joined the Guild and has served in various capacities through the years from Friendship Chairman to President.  She currently is the one behind the camera.

Cindy will be giving a power point presentation showing tips on taking good photographs and how to photograph your quilt for a quilt show.  She will talk about ways to use a photograph to make patterns, computer programs and apps that can manipulate photographs for wanted affects and different printing methods. Cindy will finish her presentation with a trunk show.


February 21, 2017           Denise Benshoof

Telling Stories: What We Do With Quilt Documentation       

Denise Benshoof is a storyteller. She is fascinated with how we collect and save stories especially the stories of quilts. She doesn’t quilt but as a historian she enjoys hearing quilters share their stories. Denise has always studied history with a belief that history is the story of people and the relationships between each other. Quilting is a way of telling stories and learning who quilted in the South for the past 200 years.

Denise is a representative of the American Quilt Study Group and curates the Facebook page “Quilting Studies in Georgia”.  Denise is also the Quilters Network Coordinator for the Georgia Quilt Council.


March 21, 2017                 Flavin Glover  



Addiction to quilting has reached a critical, epidemic level across the country. Full disclosure enables the audience to gain insight into this costly disease. There will be honest assessments regarding what really happens at home when quilting takes over. New quilters will be reassured as “quilt a holic” symptoms are identified and classified. Methods for treating and maintaining the madness will be promoted. Treatment goals will be outlined, including the elimination of dishes, redefining the meaning of “clean,” and finding time to quilt.  A mini-quilt show will be shown after the presentation.

March 22, 2017      


      Confident Beginner to Intermediate skill level

For the experienced quilter ready to create blocks full of color that look three-dimensional.  Choose from a variety of blocks and design layout grids in order to suit your preferences.  Learn accurate, streamlined construction techniques for blocks with logs cut on 60º angles.  Explore how to use color and value to enhance the illusion of depth.   See the designs develop as you cut and sew blocks in class.  Examples such as Zinnias, Diamonds that Shine, Spinning Stars, and Top of the Morning will be shown in class for inspiration and guidance. 


April 18, 2017                   Regina Carter 

Regina loves doing programs for Quilt Guilds.  Trunk Shows are known as “Show and Tell” or Quilt Lecture Presentations, but Regina labels them as “Drag and Brag”! What Fun!

She is a machine quilter and enjoys helping other quilters develop new skills in her quilting classes. Check out her website!

Trunk Show “Show and Tell”


May 16, 2017                     Just For You Celebration

Come and Celebrate the Joy of Giving!


June 27, 2017                 Sandi Blackwell

Sandy Blackwell is a teacher, speaker, author and quilt designer living in West Virginia!       Check out her website!

“Square-Agonals: A New Angle on Quilting” –Sandi Blackwell

What is “Square-agonals”?  It is her creative, easy technique for creating a diagonal  set quilt without cutting any corner or setting triangles, no math calculations, and no sewing in diagonal rows!  Easy enough for beginners and creative enough for the experienced!


June 28, 2017 Workshop: Sandi Blackwell  


July 18, 2017                   Ann Hite

Ann Hite is the author of “Where the Souls Go”, the latest novel in the Black Mountain Series.

Check out her Facebook page!

Ann Hite poster


August 15, 2017              Shannon Armstrong

Presenting Aunt Della’s Quilts

Shannon has been sewing since she was old enough to hold a needle.  She was an apprentice needle threader for her Great Aunt Della.  Shannon learned to sew so well that she earned her way through college by winning various sewing contests.

Shannon inherited several large garbage bags containing her Aunt Della’s sewing history. Shannon has taken great care to bring to life Aunt Della and her sewing masterpieces.

Shannon also developed the Jewel Tool. The Jewel Tool is a ruler that makes it easy to make half square triangles and four patches. These can then be used to make Jewell Box and Buckeye Beauty Quilts.


September 19, 2017         Wendy Bennett

Repairing Antique Quilts Trunk Show

Wendy Bennett is not a Quilter in the normal sense. She does not quilt at all. However, she is very important in bringing Quilts back to life.

Wendy obtains Antique Quilts that may or may not be in the best of shape. Her talents allow her to make a quilt whole again.

If a quilt is in an irreparable state, she repurposes them. Whether it be a Stuffed Dog or a small quilt for a doll the original quilt finds a home. The quilt made with loving hands is again placed in the loving hands of Wendy to find a new home!


October 17, 2017            Candance Hassen

                             “Inspiration” Trunk Show

Quilt Design Decisions and Where to Find Inspiration

Candace Hessen will share where the ideas originate to make her stunning quilts. Also she will give hints and tips to stay organized throughout the quilting process.    “Get your Quilts Done, while having Fun!

Candace has a Bachelors degree in Art and started out as a Weaver.  Fifteen years ago she took up Quilting. She has since realized how much being a Weaver has effected her quilting. For example, they both rely on color interplay and repeated geometric designs.

Candace designs and publishes her quilt patterns. You can see her patterns and quilts at 

Candace loves scrappy quilts.  “The more fabric and color – the better”.  She enjoys working with Traditional and Contemporary fabrics such as Batiks and Rowan Fabrics.


November 28, 2017         Susan Gordon

“Quilts of Valor”

Support Quilts of Valor

Donations of Red, White , Blue

and Gold fabric are requested.


December 19, 2017         Christmas Luncheon with Santa

 December Christmas Party 2017 info2