Gwinnett Quilters' Guild

Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild, Inc. Policy and Procedure Manual

INTRODUCTION:   The purpose of this Policy and Procedure Manual is to aid and assist the Guild’s Executive Board, Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson(s) in their task to promote, and perpetuate the art of quilting. An organization’s Policy and Procedure Manual is not required to be filed with the IRS, therefore, changes to this document will be determined by a fifty-one (51) percent quorum of current members. A two-thirds vote is required to adopt a motion. Any current Guild member may make suggestions for Policy and Procedure change by submitting proposals to the Executive Board.

Section I Meeting Protocol

  • The general Guild meeting will be held monthly on the third Tuesday unless otherwise noted in the newsletter. Current members may arrive at 9:30 AM for fellowship. Business meeting will begin at 10:00 AM. General Guild meetings may be open to guests who will be charged a fee as determined by the Executive Board.
  • The Board will meet at 10:00 AM on the first Tuesday of the month. The Board will be comprised of the Executive Board and all Standing Committee Chairpersons.
  • The Executive Board will meet at least 4 times per year and/or as deemed necessary by the President or two board members. The Executive Board of the Guild will be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Program Chairperson
  • All business will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • All meetings will be held at Cannon United Methodist Church unless otherwise specified by the President.
  • Board and general Guild meetings may be cancelled for unplanned emergencies and/or when the Gwinnett County schools are closed for inclement weather.
  • Guild members are responsible for:
  1. At least twice per year, members are asked to bring refreshment(s).
  2. Members may elect to pay $7.00 twice per year in lieu of bringing refreshment(s).
  3. At least once per year, during your birthday month, bring a new item for drawing at the birthday table.
  4. Wear your name badge at all Guild events and silence your cell phone.
  5. Support Guild initiatives by helping with Community Service Projects as endorsed by the Guild and Community Service Committee.
  6. Volunteerism is the heart of the Guild. Support the Guild’s mission by volunteering to serve on Standing Committees, become a Chairperson and/or an elected Officer of the Board.


Section II Powers and Duties of Officers

2.01 President

  1. Preside and serve as Chairperson over all general Guild’s meetings, Executive Board meetings and Board meetings.
  2. Responsible for the administration of the Guild Policies and Procedures as set

forth in the Bylaws and management of the Guild’s business and financial affairs.

  • Appoint Committee Chairperson(s) and Committee Members to all Standing Committees for his/her term of office.
  1. May create additional Committees and/or disband current Committees as necessary.
  2. Serves as an ex-officio member of all Committees.
  3. Will review all contracts proposed by all Committees.
  4. Will maintain a log of responsibilities and serve as a consultant to the incoming President on all matters relating to the duties of the office.
  5. As the outgoing President, serves as an ex-officio advisor to the President and Executive Board without voting power.


2.02 Vice President

  1. Will attend all general Guild meetings, Executive Board meetings and Board meetings.
  2. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  3. Coordinate and assure the completion of all community service projects undertaken by the Guild.
  4. The Vice President will serve as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee each year.
  5. The Vice President will be responsible for a remembrance to the outgoing President.
  6. Will act as the liaison with Cannon United Methodist Church regarding scheduling any Guild meeting or event.
  7. Will coordinate and administer the in-house education program.
  8. Will maintain a log of responsibilities and serve as a consultant to the incoming Vice President on all matters relating to the duties of the office.


2.03 Secretary

  1. Will attend all general Guild meetings, Executive Board meetings and Board meetings.
  1. The Secretary will record all votes and minutes of all proceedings and maintain Historical files.
  1. Supply a copy of the Board minutes to the Board before the next Board meeting and supply a copy of the general meeting minutes to the Newsletter Editor prior to the publication deadline.
  2. Will oversee and conduct general correspondence for the Guild as needed and keep any books or records, as the Executive Board or President will require.
  3. Responsible for maintaining, updating and distributing the Bylaws.
  4. The Secretary will maintain a log of responsibilities and serve as a consultant to the incoming Secretary on all matters relating to the duties of the office.
  5. The Secretary will perform the duties of the President in the absence of both

the President(s) and the Vice President(s).

  1. Responsible for written correspondence as directed by the President.


2.04 Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer will attend all general Guild meetings, Executive Board meetings and Board meetings.
  2. The Treasurer will be charged with the management of the financial affairs of the Guild and maintain accounts at a bank approved by the Executive Board.
  3. He/she will collect all monies due to the Guild and deposit all monies belonging to the Guild in a timely manner. The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements and make all disbursements approved by the Executive Board and/or the general membership.
  4. Provide a copy of the previous month’s bank statement to the President and the Secretary at each monthly Board meeting.
  5. Publish in the Newsletter and present at the following meeting of the membership for approval of all unbudgeted expenditures more than $100.00.
  6. Provide a monthly written report for publication in the newsletter to the Newsletter Editor by 5 PM the day following the Board meeting.
  7. The Treasurer will have the books reviewed each year (by internal audit) by an Ad Hoc Committee appointed by the President. The audit should make a comparison of checking account records (receipts and disbursements) with actual bank statements for the fiscal year, September 1 to August 31. The auditor(s) must provide written report of findings to both out-going and in coming President(s) no later than August 31st of each year. Membership will be advised of findings at the September general Guild meeting. Copies of Annual Audits should be filed and maintained by the Treasurer for a period of seven (7) years.
  8. Maintain an inventory of the Guild’s assets.
  9. The Treasurer will be responsible for monitoring for IRS Publications requiring changes in Fiscal Policy and Procedure annually.
  10. The Treasurer will be responsible for filing all tax related forms required to maintain federal and state 501(c) (3) status.
  11. Complete and file electronic notice postcard form 990N to IRS.
  12. Form 990 is due by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the fiscal

Year (September 1 – August 31).

  1. Complete and file annual registration form listing current officers with Georgia Secretary of State between January 1st and April 1st of each fiscal year.
  2. Complete and file form 8822-B to IRS when mailing address and/or responsible party (Executive Board (President)) changes.
  3. Complete and file IRS Form 1099-MISC for each speaker paid $600.00 or more in a calendar year.
  • The Treasurer will chair the Budget Committee.
  1. The Treasurer will maintain a log of responsibilities and serve as a consultant to the incoming Treasurer on all matters relating to the duties of the office.
  2. The Treasurer will perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President(s), Vice President(s) and Secretary.


2.05 Program Chairperson

  1. Will attend all general Guild, Executive Board and Board meetings.
  2. Arrange for programs and workshops each month except May and December during their term of office.
  3. Guild members are given priority to attend workshops.
  4. Non-members may attend for an additional fee of $10.00, if space available.
  5.  Refunds are not given, however, a student may find a replacement to attend.
  6. In the event a workshop does not fill, the Guild treasury will cover the balance due on workshop expenses.
  7. Guild members presenting a trunk show at Guild meetings will be paid $75.00.
  8. Guild members teaching a class outside of Guild meetings for the In-House Education Program will be paid $50.00.
  9. The Executive Board must approve any additional expenses for programs.
  10. Schedule future speakers to accommodate long term plan. All contracts initiated by the Program Chairperson will be binding on future Chairperson(s).
  11. In conjunction with Executive Board, determine Workshop fees per class based on the teacher’s fee.
  12. The Program Chairperson will maintain a list of contacts, including past and potential speakers and workshop teachers.
  13. Coordinates special events such as the annual Christmas Party.
  14. He/she will maintain a log of responsibilities and serve as a consultant to the incoming Program Chairperson on all matters relating to the duties of the office.
  15. The Program Chairperson will perform the duties of the President(s) in the absence of the President(s), Vice President(s), Secretary and Treasurer.


Section III Parliamentarian

  1. The Parliamentarian will be an expert in Robert’s Rules of Order and the proper procedures for the conduct of meetings.
  2. He/she will assist in drafting and interpretation of Bylaws, rules of order, and the planning and conduction of all Guild meetings.
  3. He/she will ensure that meetings are orderly and civil, and offer procedural opinions when asked by the President or Chairperson.
  4. Chairs the Bylaws revision Committee.


Section IV Elections and Voting

  1. The nominating committee will be formed in April of each fiscal year.
  2. The nominating committee will consist of the Vice President, who will act as Chairperson, and four (4) Guild members appointed by the President.
  3. The May newsletter will contain a paper ballot form for written nominations from the members to be collected at the May meeting.
  4. Members may also nominate individuals from the floor at the May meeting.
  5. A slate of officers will then be published in the June newsletter. A brief biography of each nominee will be included.
  6. The election of officers will be conducted in July of each year.
  7. The elected officers will be inducted at the August meeting and assume office responsibilities on the first of September.


Section V Standing Committees:

  1. The Chairperson of each Committee is appointed by the President and will attend all Board meetings.
  2. Each committee chairperson will maintain a log of responsibilities.
  3. He/she will serve as a consultant to the incoming Committee Chairperson.
  4. The Committee Chairperson may enlist other Guild members to assist with the function(s) of their Committee.


5.01 Birthday Committee

  1. The Birthday Chairperson will be responsible for coordinating the Birthday drawing held at the general monthly meetings.
  2. Monies collected will be remitted to the Treasurer by the end of the meeting.


5.02 Budget Committee

  1. The Budget Committee will be chaired by the Treasurer and include the Treasurer-Elect, Program Chairperson and three (3) board members appointed by the President.
  2. The responsibility of the Budget Committee is to collect proposed budgets from all Standing Committees, develop an estimated annual budget, and present that budget to the Board.
  3. All Standing Committee Chairpersons will be required to submit, prior to the July Board meeting, estimated annual budgets for the coming year.
  4. The Budget Committee will develop the proposed budget using these estimates and present the proposed budget for the coming year to the Board at the August Board meeting.
  5. Once ratified by the Board, the proposed budget will then be published in the August newsletter and brought before the membership for a vote at the August general Guild meeting.


5.03 Bylaws Committee

  1. The Parliamentarian will chair the Bylaws Committee.
  2. This committee will review the Guild’s Bylaws and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding any proposed amendments or modifications.
  3. The bylaws will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary by the Bylaws Committee.
  4. The committee will be responsible for seeing that the changes are presented to the Guild membership for approval and for providing an updated copy for publication. Adoption of changes will be determined by a fifty-one (51) percent quorum of current members. A two-thirds vote is required to adopt a motion.


5.04 Community Service Committee

  1. The Vice President will chair the Community Service Committee.
  2. He/she will manage the Community Service Projects undertaken by the Guild and approved by the members.
  3. The Committee Chairperson will submit receipt(s) and documentation of expense(s) for reimbursement.
  4. The community service projects include but are not limited to:
  5. Cannon Cause – Cannon Cause supports other service non-profit organizations in the community. Each month focuses on a different need in the community. The Vice President works with Cannon United Methodist Church in coordinating these efforts.
  6. Just For You – The Just For You Chairperson shall organize and coordinate the Guild’s efforts in making, collecting and distributing quilts for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The Just For You Chairperson shall be responsible for the May program which features display of these quilts over the pews in the Cannon Church.
  7. Quilts of Valor – The Quilts of Valor Liaison will be responsible for coordinating the Guild’s involvement in the activities of the Gwinnett Quilts of Valor Quilters, a local group registered with the national Quilts of Valor Foundation. The Quilts of Valor Liaison will coordinate money and/or supplies donated by the Guild to the Gwinnett Quilts of Valor Quilters and will report to the membership on their activities and accomplishments.
  8. Holiday Placemats – Each December placemats are donated to the Friends of Gwinnett County Seniors. These placemats are given to seniors in need at holiday meals and other times throughout the year.
  9. Breast Cancer Pillows – These are special formed pillows made and donated to local breast cancer centers in April and October to aid patients in recovery.
  10. Mommy Pads – These 4 inch square pads are used to comfort infants who must be separated from their parents while in hospital.


5.05 Friendship Committee

  1. The Friendship Chairperson will collect friendship information regarding the health and well being regarding Guild member, members spouse and/or children.
  2. He/she will send get well and sympathy cards to member(s) as needed.
  3. He/she will keep the membership informed both at Guild meetings and by publishing friendship concerns in the monthly newsletter.
  4. The Friendship Chairperson will also be responsible for any memorial gifts of $25.00 for charity named for deceased member, spouse and/or children.


5.06 Historical Committee

  1. The Historian will be responsible for taking photos of the members and providing them to the Editor of the Membership Directory.
  2. The Historian will take photos during Guild meetings to document special events programs, Show and Tell, and may provide selected photos to the Newsletter Editor and/or the Website Editor.


5.07 Hospitality Committee

  1. The Hospitality Chairperson will greet all visitors.
  2. He/she will collect the visitor fee of $5.00.
  3. He/she will provide information about the Guild to the visitor.
  4. Monies collected will be remitted to the Treasurer by the end of the meeting.


5.08 Library Committee

  1. The Librarian will be responsible for maintaining the Guild’s library.
  2. The Librarian will enforce the system whereby members can check out and return books in a timely manner.
  3. The Librarian will maintain an inventory of the Guild’s books and will purchase additional books according to budget allotments and Board approval.
  4. Monies collected will be remitted to the Treasurer by the end of the meeting.


5.09 Membership Committee:

  1. Notify the President of current number of members in attendance at each Guild meeting as recorded on the Sign In sheet to determine if Quorum is met for adoption of motions before the members.
  2. Maintain a current record of Guild members, including name, address, email,

telephone number, and birth month and day.

  1. Monthly submit any changes or modifications of current membership information to the Newsletter Editor for publication.
  2. Compile and publish an annual Directory of current Guild membership.
  3. Enroll New Members and maintain New Member packets consisting of an application form, general meeting information, membership card, Guild pin, name badge, Guild Directory, Guild Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual.
  4. Meet and greet all members and visitors and refer all visitors to Hospitality.
  5. Collect annual dues of $30.00 from Guild members and remit funds to the Treasurer. Benefits include voting privileges, a membership pin and name badge, a membership directory and the monthly electronic newsletter.
  6. Membership dues are adjusted by $2.50 per month starting October 1st. If a visitor joins the Guild during the meeting, the visitor fee will be applied.
  7. The purpose of the Guild issued name badge is to validate the membership and to ensure the voting rights of the wearer. The badge shall contain the Guild’s logo and member’s name. Replacement name badges can be purchased for $6.00 each.



5.10 Newsletter Committee

  1. The Newsletter Editor will be responsible for the composition, publication and distribution of the monthly electronic newsletter.
  2. All Committee Chairpersons will submit in writing their report for newsletter publication by 5PM the day following the Board meeting.
  3. The Newsletter Editor will include additions or changes to member information provided by the Membership Chairperson.


5.11 Refreshment Committee

  1. The Refreshment Committee Chairperson will be responsible for coordinating the provision of refreshments at Guild functions.
  2. The Chairperson will consult with the Program Chairperson to determine when additional refreshments might be needed.
  3. The Refreshment Committee will provide a list of members bringing refreshments to the Newsletter Editor for publication each month.
  4. Monies collected will be remitted to the Treasurer by the end of the meeting.
  5. All checks from members to the Refreshment Committee will be written out to Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild.



5.12 Show and Tell Committee

  1. Manages the Show and Tell portion of the monthly Guild meeting.
  2. Ensures the “Quilter of the Month” leads off the presentation(s).
  3. The Quilter of the Month is randomly chosen by selection of a numbered spool chosen by the member at the Membership table.
  4. Members must log in their item (s) prior to Show and Tell presentation.
  5. Guild members are asked to briefly describe their quilted item.
  6. Ribbon(s) will be awarded for each item shown and photo(s) taken by Historian for publication in Newsletter and/or on Guild Website.
  7. Assists members participating by directing order of presentation and holding quilts for display as the quilter gives a brief explanation about their quilt.
  8. Maintains log of member and quilt item shown.
  9. Awards a ribbon for each quilt shown by a Guild member.


5.13 Website Editor

  1. The Website Editor will design, manage and update the Guild website.
  2. He/she will post information relating to Guild business.
  3. Website information includes but is not limited to Guild contact information, history of the Guild, membership requirements, program schedule, event photographs, and other Guild business.
  4. He/she will be responsible to update the web site by 5 PM the day following the monthly Board meeting.


5.14 Small Bee Group Committee

  1. The Bee Committee will help organize and coordinate Small Groups or Bees formed by the Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild membership.
  2. The Bee Committee will maintain a current list of Bee group’s name, contact person, meeting time and location, interest or focus, membership list and open or closed to new member status.
  3. Bee groups meet on a regular basis as determined by the group. Anyone can form a new group. Guild members may belong to as many Bees as desired.
  4. The Bee contact person must be a Guild member. Membership is not limited to Guild members only.












Revision Date(s): 7/17/2012, 1/19/2016