Gwinnett Quilters' Guild

Membership Information


  • Bring refreshments twice a year or in lieu of refreshments pay an additional $7.00 twice a year payable to the Refreshment chairperson.
  • Assist at the meetings by setting up and/or putting away tables and chairs. 
  • Participate in Community Service Projects, such as “Just For You” or “Quilts of Valor”.
  • Support the Guild by volunteering to serve on a committee. 
  • Provide a Birthday Drawing Quilting item during your birthday month.
  • Wear your Name Badge to every meeting.
  • Attend meetings to share the love of quilting through fellowship and good friends!  

Annual Dues- $30.00, payable at the September meeting for the following year.  

Newsletter “Only” Membership is available for $15.00 yearly.

Click Here for the Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild 2018-19 Membership Form

The Guild monthly newsletter “Gwinnett Quilters Gazette” is sent to members electronically via email and is also posted in the Newsletters Archive section of this website.  Newsletters mailed via by U.S.P.S are an additional $10.00 per year.