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January 15, 2019 ****************************************************************************

Tammy Silvers



Tammy has been quilting since 1991, has taught at a variety of quilt shops and online, and designs and self-publishes her own quilt patterns under the label Tamarinis. She enjoys working with almost any fabric, but her favorites are batiks, bold prints, and chicken prints. She has a background in art and literature and is a Georgia native currently residing in Acworth.

Under the label Tamarinis, her designs are regularly published in a variety of quilt magazines and she also works with some of the major fabric manufacturers designing projects to showcase and promote their fabric lines.

Lecture:               1/15/19               Interrogating Your Quilt

Workshop:          1/16/19                Ins and Outs (The workshop will cost $20 plus the pattern).


Remember to return the Library books you’ve borrowed!


Bee Groups

Bee Groups are small groups of sewers who have a mission to accomplish. There are several who bring sewing machines and do quilts for special folks, and others who do hand sewing toward their goal.

The new Bee Groups leaders are Emilu Bailes ( and Mary Lou Godbey (

We are very excited about our new position and want you to get the MOST out of your membership here at Gwinnett Quilting Guild through smaller group get-togethers.

A list of current Bee Groups was given to us and we’ll be phoning the leaders of each group to check in and set up a meeting over the next year. At the meeting, we’ll be taking a photo of the group and learning the mission of the group. Many of the upcoming meetings we’ll be hosting a table for you to learn more about those groups and consider getting involved with them, or establishing your own Bee Group!

If you already have an interest in the Bee Groups, please don’t hesitate to contact either one of us on line.

Warm Regards,

Emilu and Mary Lou