Gwinnett Quilters' Guild

Current Program

August 21, 2018*******************************************************************************************

Make It and Take It

After the Election of Officers the Guild Meeting will be taking a new approach. It will be called “Make It and Take It”. There will be 6-8 different mini-classes from which members can choose. Activities will be announced at a later date. There will be some classes requiring a sewing machine but the majority will not. The Guild will provide all the necessary materials to make the items.

Fun in the Summer with Make It & Take It Workshops – Additional Information

Each Member may choose 1 workshop from Group A or 2 workshops from Group B.

Pictured below are examples for each workshop. Sign-up begins in June. A sign-up sheet will be available on the program table since space is limited for each workshop.

Come and have some small group fun!  See links below for examples!

Group A                                                                Group B

Arm Chair Sewing Caddy *                                   Pin Cushions

Notions Bag *                                                       Holiday Ornaments

Wool Mug Rug                                                      Smiley Snowballs

Hand Made Greeting Cards                                 Design Board & Row Pins

* – requires your sewing machine