Gwinnett Quilters' Guild

2020 Programs

Gwinnett Quilters Guild Programs for 2020

January 21, 2020 *****************************************************************************************

Sylvia Schaefer

Flying Parrot Quilts

I’m Sylvia Schaefer, and I have been quilting since 2007. I hold a PhD in marine science, and my background in science often inspires my quilt designs, both directly and indirectly. My quilts and patterns have been published in magazines both online and in print (including McCall’s Quick Quilts, Modern Patchwork, and Machine Quilting Unlimited, and as part of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilt of the Month program). My work has been exhibited and won awards regionally and nationally, including ribbons at Pacific International Quilt Festival, the American Quilter’s Society show in Paducah, and MQX, among others. In 2017, I was awarded the second annual Craftsy Quilt Designer Fellowship, allowing me to start my own line of printed patterns sold in quilt shops around the world. I have also appeared on camera in Fresh Quilting and Patchwork Nation. My first book, out in 2019, is a guide to designing modern quilts from traditional blocks, The Quilter’s Negative Space Handbook.

Lecture: January 21     What is Modern Quilting?

Workshop: January 22   Celestial Orbs (full day)  Supply List


Combine foundation paper piecing and curved piecing to create a show-stopping quilt with perfect points! Students will begin by learning foundation paper piecing techniques to create the colorful star centers, then add gently curved melon shapes to create this pattern inspired by the traditional Robbing Peter to Pay Paul block. We’ll also discuss how to bind the scalloped edges on your finished quilt.

February 18, 2020*****************************************************************************************

 Annette Ornelas

Southwind Designs


Southwind Designs features original designs and patterns by Annette Ornelas, a German-born quilt artist, teacher and designer. Annette lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with her husband and their three dogs. Most of her time is devoted to teaching and designing, or spending time outdoors, enjoying her garden. She also loves riding along on her husband’s Harley and gets inspiration from looking at the scenery they pass.

Annette conducts workshops and lectures throughout the United States. Her unique approach to quilting has led her to design numerous Dimensional Curved piecing patterns and books. Annette also enjoys making and teaching her unique free-form Textured Landscapes designs.

Lecture for February 18, 2020:              Peeled-Back Patchwork, Dimensional Curves

Workshop for Feb 19, 2020:                  Mexican Stars       Supply List

Straight line piecing with curved results! Looks amazing in any color combination!

March 17, 2020********************************************************************************************

No Program

April 21, 2020**********************************************************************************************

No Program

May 26, 2020**********************************************************************************************

No Program

June 23, 2020**********************************************************************************************

Just For You


Ladies and gentlemen,  Thank you very much for all the quilts you’ve been making during this past year!  The past few month have been trying for all.  The children in the hospital appreciate the quilts as do the nurses who are trying to comfort and care for them.

The following  information is arranged in the order you need it.

This year, I am NOT concerned about labels.  It is more important that the children in need have quilts to help comfort them.

Washing Instructions: we cannot accept unwashed quilts this year!

  1. Please wash the quilt(s) with a scent free laundry or quilt detergent, and a color catcher.  Dry in the dryer.  Wait until cool before folding.
  1. Before removing from the dryer, Make sure your hands have been freshly washed, you are wearing a clean mask, and any surface the quilt may touch, while folding, has been sanitized.
  1. Please fold the quilt, so the design side is showing, about the size of a piece of paper (so the nurse can get an idea of the quilt theme when she’s looking at the bag of quilts while trying to decide which quilt a child might like based on their interests).  A 40” x 50” quilt will normally need two folds in each direction.  Add an extra fold if larger.
  1. Place the quilt in a clean plastic bag and seal with “scotch,” masking, or painters’ tape (not packing tape, I need to be able to remove it easily to repackage).  Write the number of quilts on the outside of the bag.  Multiple quilts can/should be in the same bag.  If you have 6 or more quilts, e-mail or text me to deliver the bags we use to deliver the quilts to the hospitals, to you, which will save one step in handling.


Delivery of the “Just For You” Quilts:

Final date and time for drop off is:  Tuesday, July 21 at noon.

Drop off your quilts before the final date and time, preferably the week before, if at all possible!!

These following guild members have graciously volunteered to be drop off places for your “Just For You” quilts (use your directory to find contact information):

Karen Byers – Tucker

Carole Thomas – Tucker

Pam Palmer – Lilburn

Atlanta Sewing Center Duluth (via guild member Louise Duffy): drop off when they are open between the hours if 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday, Saturday 10-5, BUT CHECK FIRST.  NOTE: They are CLOSED Sunday and Mondays including July 19 and 20.

The drop off volunteers will have a box or basket outside their doors for the quilts.  Please text or e-mail them after dropping your quilts off (or ring the doorbell), so they know to collect them.  At ASC, you may have to go inside to drop off the quilts.  Please follow social distancing and mask recommendations.  At the time this was written, we have not heard from Canon Church, and therefore, cannot use that location as a drop off location.

Any questions, please contact Theresa Schultz

August 18th & 19th, 2020*******************************************************************************

Joan Fisher

Sew Together Bag Workshop



Cutting Instructions

Two sessions are scheduled. One is for August 18th and one is for August 19th.  Both will be held  at the Grayson Senior Center 10-3 pm.

August 18, 2020*******************************************************************************************

Guild Anniversary Party

Installation of Officers

No Program

September 15, 2020***************************************************************************************

No Program

Notions ‘n Tools Galore Puzzle


September 25-27, 2020                           Quilters Take a Moment Virtual Event


October 20, 2020******************************************************************************************

No Program

November 17, 2020***************************************************************************************

No Program

December 15, 2020****************************************************************************************

No Program