Gwinnett Quilters' Guild

GQG Library List

The library of the Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild has a wonderful selection of over 500 quilting-related books. To make it easier to choose books at the monthly meeting, we are providing a link to our online Collection at Click on the Collection link and you can browse our Library collection and sort by Author or Subject.  You can also view covers of the books to make it easier to find them at the Guild meeting.

Once you have selected your books, you can email the list to the Guild Librarians at so they can bring them to the next Guild meeting. The listings show all the books we own, however, availability is on a first come, first served basis. Books can be checked out for one month, due for return at the next meeting.

Here is a screenshot of what the online site looks. At the upper left selection (down arrow) tab, you can select the way you’d like to sort the books either by Author or Subject. You can Also choose your favorite Author by selecting the author’s last name located above the library listing.

Please remember to return the Library books you’ve borrowed!