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June 25, 2019**********************************************************************************************

Just for You

18th Annual Celebration

Come and Celebrate the Joy of Giving!

At June’s Guild meeting we will gather together for our annual Just For You celebration. All the quilts made will be put on display in the sanctuary and blessed. A representative from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will give a presentation on the positive impact the quilts have on the children and their families.

Since 2001 the Guild has participated in Just For You. Over 4,500 quilts have been presented to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The quilts are to give comfort and encourage the children and their families.

Just For You Drop Off Instructions – Tuesday, June 25, 2019



In March, we will begin a monthly Fat Quarter Exchange. The program is open to anyone that wants to increase their fabric “Stash”. Each month will feature a color or theme. If you are interested in the color or theme, then participate. If you are not interested, then wait until you like the exchange choice of color or theme.

The color for June is Purple.

Please select Quilt Shop quality fabric ONLY. If you wouldn’t use it, then don’t give it to someone else. The point is to grow your Stash with quality fabric to use in a future project.

You will start with one yard of fabric to cut into Fat Quarters. Cut your yard of fabric down the center on the fold, then fold each section in half (top to bottom) and cut across the fabric. Each piece should measure approximately 18″ x 22″. Fold each piece into a tidy bundle and put all four bundles into a plastic bag with you name on the bag.

Before the meeting begins, turn in your bag at the Fat Quarter Table (in the back of the room by the Birthday Drawing Table). Sorry, but if you arrive after 10am, you bag will not be accepted for the exchange. It takes time to sort the fabric and late entries complicate the process.

At the break, come to the table to retrieve your NEW assortment of Fat Quarters. ENJOY.


Remember to return the Library books you’ve borrowed!


Bee Groups

Bee Groups are small groups of sewers who have a mission to accomplish. There are several who bring sewing machines and do quilts for special folks, and others who do hand sewing toward their goal.

The new Bee Groups leaders are Emilu Bailes ( and Mary Lou Godbey (

We are very excited about our new position and want you to get the MOST out of your membership here at Gwinnett Quilting Guild through smaller group get-togethers.

A list of current Bee Groups was given to us and we’ll be phoning the leaders of each group to check in and set up a meeting over the next year. At the meeting, we’ll be taking a photo of the group and learning the mission of the group. Many of the upcoming meetings we’ll be hosting a table for you to learn more about those groups and consider getting involved with them, or establishing your own Bee Group!

If you already have an interest in the Bee Groups, please don’t hesitate to contact either one of us on line.

Warm Regards,

Emilu and Mary Lou


Instructions for Just 4 You Celebration – June 25th 2019!

The 2019 “Just for you” presentation will be June 25, 2019 in the Canon Church sanctuary.  THIS IS THE FOURTH TUESDAY IN JUNE!  Please bring your quilts that day as my car cannot possibly hold the presentation paraphernalia and 300-400 quilts!  We will need volunteers to help with quilt drop offs and displays as well as many people who are willing to wash and bag the quilts for delivery after the presentation. Volunteer sign ups will be at the MAY meeting.

Pay attention to our May speaker for quilting ideas!!  Remember- quilting should be no further than 4” apart for all 80/20 batting and polyester batting.  100% cotton needs to be even closer; Warm and Natural can be further apart.  I can usually tell by feel what batting was used.  I am the one who has to add additional quilting if you haven’t added enough and I will have less than a month to do it!

Amazingly, in May, the Fourth Wednesday is the day after the Third Tuesday!! So we will meet the day after Guild or May 22, at 10 am at IN-TOWN.  We will not meet the day after the presentation in June as everyone should be washing quilts.

Thank you, Theresa Schultz

Just 4 You Drop Off Instructions June 25, 2019