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The J4U bee group is now meeting at the Elks Lodge in Tucker on the first Tuesday of each month at 10 am, usually until 2 or 3 pm. We have space for a few more people to join us. You can work on the kits (which I will quilt) or your own J4U quilt. Email me if you would like to come.




The J4U Bee group experimented with glue basting with success.  I used Elmers’ SCHOOL glue (white), at both full strength and 50% glue/50% water.  Both worked.  I flipped half the top out of the way, then just dropped the glue on the batting about 3-4” apart, smoothed the top out, the way I wanted it to be.  Flipped the top/ batting over and repeated the process with the backing.  It needs to dry before folding or quilting- probably best overnight.  Glue spots do appear on the surface of the quilt, but it does not interfere with quilting and it WASHES out.  Use a washable surface to do the gluing on.  It is Much easier to quilt without having pins interfere or catch!

There is a box full of fabrics in need of cutting into 6” squares and a BUNCH of 6”squares in need of becoming kits!  So come help, if you can!

There are over 100 panels (pillow panels, regular panels, wonderful fabrics, etc.) in kit form.  Most of these are “instant quilts” – 6 seams or less if you keep it simple.   I have already put together and quilted 10 of these within two months of our presentation, so they really are very easy.  They can be quilted BEFORE adding borders, to make it easier to maneuver the quilt, then add the borders in “Quilt as you go “ fashion.  Note: if you do it this way AND keep the borders 4” or less, the border itself will not NEED any quilting! 

In January, I’ll start bringing a box of patterns that are the right size for “JUST FOR YOU.”  I’ll also use some of the patterns to make kits, but the others will be available to borrow.  These will be “checked” out, but there is no time limit, currently.  In the meantime, if YOU HAVE A PATTERN THAT WOULD WORK AS A JUST FOR YOU QUILT THAT YOU NO LONGER NEED, BRING IT IN SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN USE IT TO MAKE A CUTE KIT!

The Gwinnett Quilters guild webpage, also has patterns, appliqués, quilt sizes, etc., so check it out!

Keep up the wonderful work you always do,  Thank you for your support!  It is very much appreciated!

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