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The J4U Bee group experimented with glue basting with success.  I used Elmers’ SCHOOL glue (white), at both full strength and 50% glue/50% water.  Both worked.  I flipped half the top out of the way, then just dropped the glue on the batting about 3-4” apart, smoothed the top out, the way I wanted it to be.  Flipped the top/ batting over and repeated the process with the backing.  It needs to dry before folding or quilting- probably best overnight.  Glue spots do appear on the surface of the quilt, but it does not interfere with quilting and it WASHES out.  Use a washable surface to do the gluing on.  It is Much easier to quilt without having pins interfere or catch!

Recipient Email:

Hello! My name is Haley. I received a quilt from your donation to Scottish Rite almost 8 years ago. When I was 15, I had a pretty significant spinal operation and was really struggling at the time. The quilt I received (covered in puppies) brought me so much comfort. I still sleep with it every night and now so does my 2 year old. I realized today that it has your logo on it. I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for your donation! You brought me a lot of comfort during a time when not much could. I am sending y’all my biggest hugs! Thank you again, Haley Green


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